Tuesday, June 12, 2012

STS Disable Spring Project Builder

So I'm really a fan of SpringSource's Tool Suite. Everything you need for Java development is all packaged together and it does a great job of keeping my maven downstream projects up-to-date and easily deployed to the dev server. In that sense I love it. However, recently in version 2.9.2 I've been noticing it hanging. I've had to force kill it more than a dozen times and it even drove me to try vanilla eclipse with Tomcat (which drove me back to STS to find out what was going wrong).

Well, I think I've found what is going wrong and a work-around, which unfortunately comes with some inconveniences such as now having to ignore the .externalToolBuilders directory in my SCM.  It appears that the Spring nature in my projects are the culprit for hanging my environment.  Once I disabled the Spring Project Builder everything seemed to run smoother and I haven't noticed any consequences yet.

Here is how to disable the Spring Project Builder: Project -> Properties -> Builders, uncheck Spring Project Builder.  

Or if your IDE is all hung up you can add a file named "org.springframework.ide.eclipse.core.springbuilder.launch" to the .externalToolBuilders directory in that project.

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