Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lessons Learned: How to Launch Better Software Faster

Shipping Greatness by Chris Vander Mey
Twitter: @shippingchris
Notes taken from How to Launch Better Software Faster, an O'reilly webcast on Nov. 13, 2012

  • Get right components into place before writing software.
    • Mission Statement; short and sweet
      • example: "Enhance customer delight"
      • Aligns your team to drive forward
  • Team
    • Hiring; only hire the very best people you can
      • trustworthy and independent
      • Managers need to dedicate a large amount of time to talent acquisition
      • error on side of not making a hiring mistake
    • Job Selection
      • Find a team that you love to work with
      • Smaller teams may yield greater results
      • Good balanced teams: senior for each junior
  • Right Process
    • Too much process: example may be daily stand up meetings for 45 minutes
      • hard to move forward if tied up in process
    • Too little process: example may be no status updates
      • teams are going in different directions
    • Need to find a balance for your team
    • Error on side of too little process
      • move quickly
      • empowers team members
  • Faster
    • Faster release increase cash flow
    • Get users feedback faster
    • Employees/team members see progress; motivation increases
  • Crisp Communication
    • Sharing ideas clearly and quickly
      • example may be a 1 page document to share an idea or problem
    • Generates less confusion
    • Less time taken to document
    • Be clear and specific, actual numbers and figures.  
    • Start with most important thing
    • Don't hide your data
  • Fight The Right Battles
    • Understand the true cost of a battle
      • If you can afford to lose, lose quickly
    • Focus on goals
      • Don't make the argument about 'you' or 'I' 
  • Spend Wisely
    • Time is very precious...use it wisely
    • 'Do we have to have a meeting for this?'
    • FAQ Documents may help save time 
    • Meetings need an agenda...if there is no agenda, ask for one
      • Be as efficient as possible

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